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In the autumn of 2006, I hiked across Massachusetts. I began near Williamstown in the northwest corner and finished in Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod. I set out for no particular reason but to air out from a recently soured relationship. But it was October, and I found the upcoming gubernatorial election a ready topic of conversation with the folks I met along the way.

I found a notebook and began asking people I met along the way to write a personal message – anything they wanted – to the next Governor of Massachusetts. It was still weeks before the election, so the writers did not know which candidate would be actually be reading their words. Without neither biasnor censoring, I took messages from self-proclaimed conservatives and liberals, single mothers, retirees, professional musicians, firefighters, teachers, students, and citizens in Northhampton, Buckland, Goshen, Amherst, Ware, Worcester, Hopedale, Wrentham, Bourne, Sandwich, Orleans, and all points in between. By the time I walked to the Long Point Lighthouse on a blustery Halloween day, I had collected thoughts, critiques, and ideas on everything from schools to the commuter rail to Cape Wind to a reporter’s shield law. 

Please browse the messages, read what your fellow citizens wrote to the governor, and before you head to the polls on November 2nd, ask yourself, In the last four years, did Governor Patrick listen to us?

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