From … Western Mass?

Yup, you read that correctly – I’m not quite done yet. You may recall that the idea to begin collecting messages for the governor came from attending a town meeting in Charlemont, three days into my walk. I didn’t take my first message until I reached Buckland. So, to be fair to the first few towns I walked through, on Thursday (Nov 02) and Friday I will be returning to that part of the state, to give those folks an equal opportunity to jot down their comments for the governor.

I will be in or around the following spots at roughly the following times:
Buckland Public Library/Shelburne Falls: Thursday
morning (Nov 02)
Downtown Charlemont: Thursday afternoon.
Downtown North Adams: Friday morning (Nov 03).

Spring Street, Williamstown: Friday afternoon.
I will also attempt to make stops in Florida and
If you live in that part of the state and you would like to say Hi, or have an idea where I can meet people (diners, town meetings, general stores – someone suggested Avery’s in Charlemont), please stop by or send an email! The more messages the better.

I’ll write more when I return from the Berkshires… til then, Happy Halloween!  🙂