From the Cape Cod Inn in Provincetown

08:10 – David and I are just about to cross the breakwater and walk the 2.5 miles to Long Point.
Before I finish this walk, I’d like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way – my friends, my family, the folks who have teken me in, given me food, or just stopped to say Hi. For everyone who took a minute to write a message, even after this smelly bearded vagrant ran approached them waving a pen and a notebook and blathering about the government. This walk was dedicated to our elected leaders who run for office simply to serve others; it’s dedicated to my mother, Rita Hill, who passed away last summer. And this walk is for all the people of Massachusetts, who brave stinging winters, scorching summer, rainy springs and beautiful autumns, and cry when the Red Sox lose. I’ve been from Greylock to Long Point, and this walk is for all those who call Massachusetts home.
Two miles to go.