From the Wellfleet-Truro Line

12:40 – On Rt 6. Just broke into Truro. PTown 11 miles away. By the way, there really were coyotes outside my tent last night. I could hear about a dozen of them baying and howling in the woods on the the other side of the rail trail. Not close enough to stick my hand out and pet, but a little too close for me.
I guess coyotes have been a problem on the Cape this year … my friend’s parent’s had one shot in their yard a few weeks ago.
It’s getting colder at night, colder during the day, darker earlier, and now coyotes… I’m glad this trip is wrapping up!!
PS Ms Bish, I would be more than happy to talk to your students about my walk… if they can teach me the history of West Brookfield. 🙂